German to English

How many fantastic products or high-end brands are let down by inaccurate, unnatural or clumsy English text? I provide translation and editing to make sure your text is smooth and natural, while retaining the meaning, tone and charm of the original. 

Marketing and Website Text

If your corporate website is the first thing most people see, the basis for their first impression of your company, then it should be perfect. Full stop.

Film and Television

In order to translate a story, you need to be a storyteller. You need to find each character's tone and personality and bring it through in the English translation. Sometimes you need to replace jokes and cultural references to keep the mood of the story intact.

I translate pitches and outlines, full tv and movie scripts and other, production-relevant documents.

Image © Constantin Film GmbH

Image © Constantin Film GmbH

Since 2014, Harry has provided very successful translations of scripts and production documents, always keeping the mood from the German to the English text.
— Stefan Wood, Developer, Constantin Film Production GmbH
Image © C. H. Beck Verlag

Image © C. H. Beck Verlag

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Academic Text

Only someone with an academic background can ensure that the details of your thesis and arguments are translated correctly and precisely, so your work shines in English just as it did in the original German.

For details of my academic qualifications, click here.