In small groups of four to 12 participants, we focus on the theoretical background of the leading tradition of intercultural communication studies: the Cultural Dimensions Model, developed by Geert Hofstede. Participants examine their own cultural assumptions as well as share their observations of the cultures they come into contact with, to build up a comprehensive classification system to help in analysing cultural norms. Activities and exercises build sensitivity and practice skills for dealing with awkward interactions and defusing conflicts before they occur.

Targeted seminars can focus on the special cultural elements of one country or cultural group, and prepare participants more intensively for the challenges they will have to overcome when face to face with the target culture. My expertise in this area is focussed on the UK, USA and Ireland on the one hand, and the German-speaking world of Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the other.

Formats include one to three-day seminars as well as a program of regular, recurring appointments that allow participants to develop their communication skills continuously over the course of years.

Core topics include:

  • The model of cultural dimensions
  • Targeted analysis of participants' own cultural norms
  • Targeted analysis of the cultural norms of participants' business contacts
  • Building sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Dealing with awkward interactions and avoiding conflict


Coaching is an opportunity for each participant to work with me one-to-one, to focus on building the specific skills and capabilities they need in their day-to-day intercultural working life. It can be used as part of ongoing training for people in positions that involve a high degree of international communication, or as part of integration training for ex-pat employees, or as targeted preparation for an upcoming move abroad. Whether you're new to international communication or an experienced citizen of the world, an outside point of view and expert appraisal can improve your skill set and put you in the driving seat of your own professional development.