About Me

The short version: I'm a trainer, writer, translator, editor, teacher and academic, based in Munich. I've lived and worked in Ireland, Scotland and the US and moved to beautiful Bavaria more than a decade ago.

The slightly longer version: My skill set and interests have taken me on an interesting journey. After studying philosophy in St Andrews in Scotland, I relocated to the south of Germany to work as an English teacher. I moved up in the adult language teaching industry, working in teacher training and quality control before moving on to program design and teacher training training. It was here I started developing an interest in the art of leadership, applying my own experience leading an international team to the needs of my clients and learning new skills along the way. I'm now freelance, and work as a business trainer and a high-end German-English translator while also dabbling in journalism and editing.

On the other hand, I've rediscovered the allure of the academic life and am currently active in the philosophy of science community. 

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to get in touch if you see any areas of potentially fruitful collaboration.